How to BurnOut

I have experienced burnout on more than one occasion. At least once, it was combined with a medium depression where I struggled to get out of bed.  I was exhausted physically, I had neglected myself in seeking to take care of others.  Here is how I would coach someone to succeed in burning out as a leader, and especially as a pastor-leader.

1. Don’t rest

2. Harbor resentment

3. Be driven to find your value in approval or accomplishment

4. Lead in your own strength

5. Magnify your struggles and minimize Christ 

6. Be too busy for friends or fun

7. Stop taking care of yourself because you are too busy taking care of others

8.  Live re-actively with your schedule and calendar

9. Don’t pay attention to the warning lights and make adjustments

10. Ignore your emotions.  Don’t ask what they are telling you, just push through them.

Holistic Leadership Thinking

Notes from Daniel Harkavy’s webinar on self- leadership.

Think holistically about your leadership:

  1. HEAD: Your thoughts impact everything.  Are you optimistic in your attitude?  Are you disciplined in planning time to reflect on your organization, your leadership…etc.?
  2. HEART:  Are you one person whether at work or at home?  Those we are leading need to know we care.
  3. EYES:  What do you see?  Do you have “bifocal vision”?  Do you see present reality, but see future with clarity and communicate that mission which is worth sacrificing for? Do you have clarity for a better reality?
  4. HANDS: The doing side of leadership.  How are you doing with coaching?  How are you doing with follow up?  How are you doing with communication?
  5. PERSON-HOOD:   The being side of leadership and attitude.  Do we serve or want to be served?  Do we know that everyone around us is watching what we say and how we treat people?  Do we realize people are watching how we invest our time and how we deal with success or failure?  We need to understand that our teammates see our outward actions and make decisions about who we are on the inside based upon what they see and hear on the outside.

I highly recommend the monthly webinar from Building Champions.  Great leadership content that will encourage, inspire and challenge.

Link to the specific free webinar that is now posted on youtube.

Don’t Hoard Urgent Items

“Even when you delegate operational responsibilities to someone else, you may still find yourself hoarding urgent items as they arise.  When you care so deeply about a project, you’ll want to resolve things yourself…And gradually your energy will start to shift away from long-term pursuits.  Hoarding urgent items is one of the most dangerous tendencies I’ve noticed in creative professionals who have encountered early success.  When you are in the position to do so, challenge yourself to delegate urgent items.”      -Making Ideas Happen