7 Cultural Patterns

In an article on Cultural Change, the authors list the four building block levers of organizational DNA as:

  1. Decision Rights
  2. Information
  3. Motivators
  4. Structure

“The four building blocks-both independently and in the way they interact–define an organization and largely determine how it will function and perform (Strategic Finance, pg. 12, 2006).”

They then describe the 7 typical cultural patterns they find in most organizations.  Below is an infographic that captures these patterns. 



Q-What is defining your organizational culture?

Q-Is your organizational or team culture what you want it to be?

Q-What do you need to change to better create thriving organizational culture?


Chehade, G., Mendes, D., & Mitchell, D. (2006). Culture Change for the Analytical Mind. Strategic Finance, 87(12), 11-15.