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Are You Seeking to Coach Others? Do you have a Coach?

Good quote from Becoming a Coaching Leader:

“A coach helps others win by helping them to discover the knowledge, strategies, action plans, inspiration and accountability they need to excel and reach even greater levels of success.”

You will the most significant legacy with your life if you seek to give to others by coaching them.  You will grow further faster if you have a coach who is speaking into your life. 

What is Your Definition of Success?

Everyone has a definition of success in their life, whether they realize it or not.  Many intuitively carry it, few explicitly take the time to express it.  John Maxwell defines success as: (1) Knowing your purpose in life (2) Growing to your maximum potential and (3) Sowing seeds that benefit others (pg 59). 

His focuses are helpful because we first must discover who we are (I would only add an emphasis in doing this in relationship to God), then stepping into this purpose by cultivating our unique giftedness/temperament/personality.  As we do this we discover our individual purpose is intertwined with others.  God didn’t create us to relate alone to him.  Then the idea of planting seeds that benefit others starts to make sense.  God isn’t just about transforming our lives alone, he isn’t just about healing us.  He pours his grace over us and calls/gifts us to become kingdom agents of transformation in the lives of others and world around us.

Another major tweak I would add is to point to the impossibility of all of this apart from the grace of God and His power in our lives.  This book wasn’t written as a “Christian book,” so I am simply adding this aspect because I believe it is impossible to experience the fullness of purpose and power to reach our potential apart from embracing God’s rescue of us in Jesus.


What do you think of this definition of success?

How is it helpful? 

What is it missing?

Do you know what success looks like in your life?