Weekly Planning| Defining the 6 most important focuses to implementing the vision



After we start with vision, the next step before we do anything else is to remind ourselves of the 6 most important focuses we need to give our attention, energy and calendar to in the next two months to fulfill the vision.  If we don’t move from vision to our six focuses (6 focuses x 6 weeks), we will likely give our attention to what is urgent without discerning how to implement into the week what we have identified as essential in the community/ministry development.  


Our 6×6 may look like a variety of different themes, but the key is they MUST BE THE 6 MOST SIGNIFICANT HINGS YOU MUST DO TO FULFILL THE VISION.

Here are some example 6×6 Focuses|  They may be personal or relate to a team/organization

  • Develop leadership team
  • Spend time on leadership team
  • Promote camps
  • Identify 2-3 people to mentor
  • Communicate with more clarity by preparing better
  • Spend more time listening and understanding others before I speak
  • Communicate with leaders every Tuesday

Everyone’s 6×6’s will look differently, but the key is they most be the most important focuses that will help fulfill the vision.  Otherwise, your vision and your weekly schedule will be out of sync.  If you pray, reflect and seek God to identify the vision he has for you and if you pray, reflect and seek God as you plan your week, you can rest that these 6 things need to be prioritized.  

Once you have identified those 6 things, they must be included in your prayer life and also your calendar must be clearly integrated with them.  Its not enough to identify the 6 things you must do in the next 6 weeks.  Without discipline to put them in your rhythm of life/schedule, you will not get traction.  Once you complete one of the 6 don’t add to it until you fulfill at least 3 of the 6 you started with, otherwise you might not finish the original six in the time you need to. Get clarity around the 6 and then give yourself to them with confidence because you reminded yourself of the vision and have sought God’s direction in the process.

(I have renamed them 6×8 to keep it simple so it pops up every 2 months.  Here is Bill Hybels talking about a leader planning their time around their 6×6)


I have created a tool to help you thrive as a ministry leader.  If you already have a system that helps you start with vision, then keep working it and filling yourself with the WHY before you do anything else.  If you don’t have a tool click on the link below.  The tool is $2. If you like the tool please pass the link on to other leaders who might benefit.  If you know a missionary or a church leader internationally or a leader who can’t afford any resources, then pass on the link and also this pass-code that will make it free to them.

Pass-code for missionaries, international church leaders and under resourced pastors:  ”multiply”

Link to resource

If you have any issues downloading the resource, questions or feedback, please email us at multiplyingleaders@gmail.com