Getting the Day Started Well…Keeping Energy Up




There are a few significant habits I am pursuing so that I start the day well.  Obviously that doesn’t always happen, I easily become undisciplined.  But I am not trying for perfection, just consistency on the days I don’t start with super early meeting. 

Important elements in my routine I seek to pursue:

  • Aligning myself under Jesus’ Leadership for that day (may look like prayer, scripture reading, meditation)
  • Good cup of coffee
  • Eat something to get metabolism rolling, get energy wheel moving
  • Ideally and this is more of an ideally than reality, hitting the treadmill for 10-15 minutes before shower just to get body moving

I am in the habit of running out of the house and not slowing down enough to eat something.  Sometimes I will eat a late lunch and I will notice my energy crash at around 4 or 5pm.  So I am reintegrating a protein shake to start the day when I don’t eat at home.  Trying to fix that to maximize my energy for the day so that I might live fully alive and be fully present wherever I am and with whoever I am with in that moment.  Especially don’t want to get home and crash when I have a few peak hours with my son and wife.

What do you do to get your energy up and keep it going?  Do you see food as comfort or fuel?  Can you see it as both?