Husband. Father. Child. Brother. Pastor. Follower. Learner. Student. Leader.  Married to my glorious wife Katie and father to my two boys whom I delight in.  I am a member of our staff leadership team and have been student pastoring at a church in the St Louis area for last 11 years.  Sweet journey.  I have a M.A. in Christian Ministry from Missouri Baptist University (st. louis)  and am slowly progressing on a M.A. in Organizational Leadership.


Multiply Leaders History

MultiplyLeaders is a resourcing and coaching “organization” that provides great content and the support you need to thrive in who God has made you to be with your unique gift-mix.   Multiplyleaders was founded by Brian Bennett in 2013 out of his passion to help emerging and stuck leaders unlock their full potential.  We love to provide the right resources and come beside young leaders to help you establish the perspectives, attitudes and habits needed for you to thrive in ministry over the long-haul.  Through coaching we also help leaders who are stuck reignite their passion, focus and skill development so you can keep moving forward on your journey.  Contact Brian personally with questions multiplyingleaders@gmail.com.


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