Perception is Significant in our Culture

In our culture first impressions are important.  A medium size business came by my house today and handed me a flyer that had clearly been copied multiple times.  If this was a start company I could somewhat understand that.  But what would I pay thousands of dollars for an established company to build a deck in my back yard when they don’t pay attention the the small details of presenting themselves well?  If they can’t take the time to make a paper flyer look clean, why would I assume they will do the small things on a much bigger project.  I am sure it would have taken them a few more minutes to print an original to a machine, but they decided not to and simply send one of their young workers out the door with a badly copied advertisement for their product.


Here is my takeaway.  People pay attention to the small stuff.  Especially if you are a younger employee or intern, pay attention to the small stuff.  Whether we realize it or not, everyone around is constantly “pinging” us in every conversation, interaction and meeting to see if we are trustworthy and competent.  Normally this happens subconsciously, but when we fail to do the small things well it starts to happen on a conscious level.  Once team members, family members and bosses perceive we aren’t reliable or trustworthy, we have to work twice as hard to get their trust and respect back.  Don’t live in fear and get caught being a slave to peoples’ perceptions.  Don’t live your life as a people pleaser or you won’t really live.  

Be someone who is solid enough on the inside that you live a life where you are constantly doing the small stuff well.  If you do enough small stuff well, it adds up.

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